Speeder solutions, llc


Our fulfillment center satisfy orders made by customers of Amazon along with a tax-free incentive of doing business in the state of Delaware. Whether you are shipping one product or hundreds of different products, we will ensure that your products are shipped accurately and on time, every time.

Product Receiving and Warehousing - With climate-controlled warehouse, standard equipment, 24-hour video monitoring,  and insurance against theft, fire and flood, we are well equipped to  receive and store  your products securely.

Picking and Packaging - Whether you have one product to ship or hundreds of SKUs we can custom pick and pack every order according to product property and to accommodate any special requirement.

Package Consolidation--We can regroup and repackage products upon request to help you lower shipping cost, categorize products easier, and keep inventory better.

Inventory Management - We custom built the inventory software to help you keep track of your inventory, to monitor product movement and to replenish goods when needed. The inventory system also makes it easy for you to view and pay bills online

Order Tracking - A tracking number is provided with each order, allowing you to track your shipments every step of the way during transportation. 


Tel: +1.302-448-8668

330 Centerpoint blvd, New Castle, DE19720, United States